10 Minute Yoga: Healthy Back

Did you know that more than 80% of the people will have significant back pain at some point in their life. For some of these people it will progress to a chronic condition. It is a significant problem, causing more lost days of work than anything except the common cold.

Back pain is often the result of a body that is out of balance. People either push themselves too far, over-straining or over reaching, or they don't push themselves enough, not getting enough exercise and spending too much time in sedentary work and leisure activities.

Yoga is an excellent tool for preventing and treating back pain. Yoga stretches muscles to reduce spasm, increases flexibility, strengthens muscles and bones, increases range of motion, improves balance and helps reduce stress. 

Practice the following 5 poses regularly to prevent back pain or begin the road to recovery. Scroll through the gallery for visuals, see below for pose descriptions.

Yoga for Back Pain:

1. Cat-Cow flow: From all 4's or table top position, inhale and drop the belly down lift through the collar bones. On the exhale, round the back and draw the naval to the spine.

2. Child's pose: With big toes touching and knees wider than your hips, stretch the hips back toward the heels, resting forehead on the floor

3. Cross-Crawl Superman: lying on the belly, lift right leg and left arm off the mat then switch, repeating

4. Bridge: lying on your back, bend your knee, plant your feet on the floor close to your seat. Feet and knees hip distance apart. lift your hips up to the sky. Option to progress to flowing bridge.

5. Supine Spinal Twist:  Knees bent and together, arms out to a "T," gently drop your knees off to one side, hold a few breaths and switch sides.