Healthy Summer Travel Tips

Enjoy road trips and long weekends this summer without sacrificing your health

1.       Plan ahead and pack healthy snacks

a.       Hunger happens, ignore it and you could wind up eating like a maniac at your next meal, leading you to feel like a stuffed sausage. But buying snacks on the go could leave you stuck with items high in sugar, salt, and trans fat. Drive thrus now often offer small yogurt parfaits or salad shaker, some gas stations offer fresh fruit, roasted nuts or hummus and whole grain crackers. But save yourself some money and pack nuts, dried fruit, whole grain crackers, or fruit and nut bars to eat when you are in a pinch.

2.       Get some exercise every day

a.       Recruit your friends and family to take a hike with your or just walk the neighborhood and get a lay of the land in the city you are visiting. Check out local parks or community centers. Try a new yoga studio.

3.       Indulge and enjoy local specialties in moderation

a.       Part of the fun or vacation is trying local cuisine or relaxing with a cocktail. At restaurants split more indulgent items with the group and make sure to order salads and sides of veggies to balance out your meals.